Love Valley, NC

Shelby's Place

Shelby's PLACE

Mark Loden

171 Henry Martin Trail
(704) 592-2647

Come enjoy some of Love Valley’s night life at Shelby's Place, the local bar. You can indulge yourself by playing pool or the games, by listening to the state-of-the-art digital jukebox or even by singing a little karaoke. You can just pull up a bar stool and relax or you can dance the night away in the back bar. This is one of the most fun places in town.

 You do not have to be 21 to get in, but no alcohol will be served to those under that age.  Soft drinks are available as well as beer, Mike’s hard lemonade, Smirnoff products and wine coolers. Pizza and corn dogs are also available.

 If you are under 18, you must be chaperoned by a parent or guardian. 

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